Meet the team


Meet Prernna Bhatnagar, our Research Engineer! 

Prernna is one of our research engineers here at Brandenburg Labs. At an early age, she got introduced to music by her grandmother, who used to teach music at a university in India. It took her no time to become fond of music so fast. She was an inquisitive child back in the days. This blend of her passion for music and signal processing technology ultimately shaped her academic path in studying for a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Amity University, India. Prernna always wanted to integrate her childhood passion for music and engineering. She then pursued her master’s studies at the Delft University of Technology in Electrical Engineering, specializing in audio and biomedical signal processing. 

Prernna gained vast experience in audio signal processing and acoustic simulation as an application engineer. Furthermore, she worked intensively on speech enhancement in one of her previous projects. 

Prernna enjoys working at Brandenburg Labs because she engages herself every day in exciting challenges to tackle issues in the field of psychoacoustics, signal processing, and AI.

The warm and friendly office environment is an exciting part of what she likes about working with us. For a dog lover like herself, Prernna likes to spontaneously snuggle with the “office dog” Princess Zelda whenever she is around in the office.

One of Prernna’s strongest suits is being highly organized. She always finds a way to maximize productivity at less expense of time and extra resources. Punctuality is her signature because she is always prepared before time. When there is a meeting with Prernna, she will be the first to arrive before the start. While working on a project, Prernna is very detail-oriented and tries to complete her tasks as neat and immaculate as possible. 

In the near future, Prernna aspires to learn more programming languages while continuing to develop state-of-the-art audio technology. 

In her free time, Prernna loves cooking, listening to music, travelling to places, and gardening. 

Fun fact: Prernna is “almost” a professional chef. She likes to cook delicious vegetarian food and pastries.