MikroForum 2022 – Karlsruhe

Another successful event in the books!

Our team had the chance to participate in the MikroForum 2022 in the beautiful hometown of Schoeps Microphones, Karlsruhe. Schoeps organized the forum in collaboration with the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and The German Association For Audio Professionals (VDT). The forum took place from the 9th to the 10th of June, 2022.

The forum created a venue for presentations and workshops on microphone recording technology and music recording, 3D audio, and film sound topics. This year’s MikroForum featured 20 companies at the exhibition, with several invited experts and established audio engineers sharing their extraordinary work with the audience. 

Our team enjoyed the inspiring experience and successfully expanded their network while grasping new business ideas in the audio technology field. Karlheinz Brandenburg, our CEO, held a talk in the grand hall about the developments in immersive audio over time as well as current challenges and achievements in the field. 

We again presented our immersive audio demo to the public at the forum. Therefore, we had a little challenge prepared for our listeners, in order to demonstrate how real immersive audio via headphones can sound. They had to distinguish between actual loudspeakers playing a song and the same song being played solely via headphones with our immersive audio solution. This was an impossible mission to accomplish for most of our listeners; however, the process brought delight to us and our participants.

Many of the listeners of our demo were acknowledged experts in the audio field, giving us amazing feedback, which was very uplifting and motivational. One of the most extraordinary comments we’ve gotten was, that our immersive audio demo is “scarily realistic”.

Overall, we had a lot of fun showing participants our immersive audio demo and got very encouraging feedback. Moreover, the social event on Thursday was excellent for creating a venue to meet new people and potential partners. Finally, we would like to thank the event organizer Schoeps and its partners for hosting such a wonderful forum. We are looking forward to participating in following MikroForums.