Research Projects with Immersive Audio Focus

Current Publicly Funded Research Projects

Brandenburg Labs actively participates in tenders for research projects as a partner and project coordinator. In many of our current projects we are closely working together with the Technische Universität Ilmenau to combine our expertise with years of experience in the field of research in audio technology at the University. Within those projects, Brandenburg Labs always sets a strong focus on the further development of state of the art immersive audio technology in order to create new and innovative applications and use cases.

You are working on a tender for a research project and you are looking for a partner with expertise in immersive audio? Feel free to get in touch to tell us more about the project.

MULTIPARTIES: Multi-Party Augmented Reality Telepresence System

Brandenburg Labs, plazz, Consensive, and Technische Universität Ilmenau launched the joint research project “MULTIPARTIES”. The focus is on the development of a 3D communication system that enables realistic online meetings between several people over distances. The two-and-a-half-year joint project is being funded by the German government as part of “KMU-innovativ: Interaktive Technologien für Gesundheit und Lebensqualität”. MULTIPARTIES aims to overcome the limitations of current teleconferencing and enables spatially separated people to have more natural conversations online, using augmented reality (AR). For this, realistic 3D avatars of people with expressive gestures and facial expressions, as well as spatially plausible audio, are seamlessly integrated into the real environment of the system's users.

GROOVE - Experienced Synchronization for Connectedness and Closeness in Social Virtual Reality

Brandenburg Labs, in collaboration with Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, TU Ilmenau, and Consensive GmbH, is launching the joint project, "GROOVE - Experienced Synchronization for Connectedness and Closeness in Social Virtual Reality". The GROOVE project aims to induce social entrainment in virtual environments to sustainably strengthen feelings of personal connectedness. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research finances the three-year project under the "Closeness over Distance - Enabling Interpersonal Connectedness with Interactive Technologies" directive.

Storyteller: Immersive Audio Guide

Immersive audio has the potential to enrich classic audio guides and create engaging experiences in the business and leisure sector, e.g. in museums. Normally silent objects get their own voice with realistic spatial sound. Exhibits can be acoustically staged in a variety of ways, for example by background music, scene related sounds or a speaker. In addition, different use cases are conceivable in which content is intelligently adapted based on interactions with visitors. The system also offers an interface for the analysis of visitor behavior through the anonymized provision of movement data.