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At Brandenburg Labs, we create perfect auditory illusions. Our immersive audio has the potential to enrich numerous headphone-based digital media applications. Below, you can find a selection of the fascinating use cases we are currently dedicated to. In addition to our own products, we are also looking forward to working with other companies and integrating our technology into their systems.

Furthermore, we offer a range of consulting services in the audio field, such as project planning. We are seeking licenses of our industrial property rights.

Don’t see your specific interest listed here? We are always open to new and innovative ideas in the field of audio technology. Please feel free to contact us with your business inquiries.



Use our technology as a benchmark for your research.

Content Creators

Listen to your own mixes and content using immersive audio for headphones.

Immersive Tech

Experience your AR/VR technology with immersive audio.

Get our system for short term testing or long term rent

  • Acoustic measurement of your room
  • Sound sources for comparison (loudspeakers)
  • Rendering computer
  • Headphones
  • Tracking system
  • Team of experts to install the system and provide professional support
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Our Product Line

Immersive Audio Solution

Deep dive into an Audio Augmented Reality experience, where the soundscape is indistinguishable from reality. Our solution can be integrated into different systems and adapted to offer a perfect lifelike audio experience over headphones for various applications. We are looking forward to work with partners on enriching their gaming, music, VR/AR experiences and more with our immersive audio.

Immersive Audio Headphones

By creating a realistic and immersive soundscape, our headphones will offer a unique experience. Users will perceive sounds exactly as they do in reality: clear, true to position and plausible. Consequently, the headphones take full advantage of the capabilities of human hearing, so users will be able to dive deed into any soundscape. This even allows interaction with the different sound sources in the room, offering completely new storytelling possibilities.

Personalized Auditory Reality

Our long term vision is to extend the limits of the human hearing experience. We want to do this by further developing the concept of PARty, “Personalized Auditory Reality”, which was developed at Technische Universität Ilmenau and Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. With intelligent wearables, users will be able to create their personalized auditory reality. Such devices will be able to reduce interfering background noise and increase the volume of the sound source the user is currently focusing on. Also, virtual sound sources will be naturally placed in the users listening environment. PARty connects the real soundscape with a perfect auditory illusion.

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