What we are currently dedicated to

Our Use Cases & Services

At Brandenburg Labs, we create perfect auditory illusions.  Immersive audio has the potential to enrich various digital media applications. Below you can find a list of some of the exciting use cases we are currently dedicated to.

As experts in the field of audio technology, our main focus is the applied research and development of (immersive) audio products. We are happy to contribute our knowledge, our experience and our networks to cooperations. In addition to our own research, we participate in tenders for research projects with universities and research institutes. We are also looking forward to work with other companies.

In addition, we offer a range of consulting services in the audio field, such as project planning. We are seeking licenses of our industrial property rights.

Your specific interest is not listed here? We are always open to new and innovative ideas in the field of audio technology. Please feel free to contact us with your business inquiry.

Reality Talk: Audio-Only Teleconference System

Current telecommunication systems are not able to provide the conversational quality of real communication. This can lead to misunderstandings and increased fatigue. Reality Talk, on the other hand, conveys the feeling of being in a shared environment with the communication partners and of being able to communicate naturally. Reality Talk adds an intuitive component to current teleconferencing systems. The conversation partners sound as if they are present in the listeners space. This improves both the quality of communication and the functionality of such systems.

Storyteller: Immersive Audio Guide

Immersive audio has the potential to enrich classic audio guides and create engaging experiences in the business and leisure sector, e.g. in museums. Normally silent objects get their own voice with realistic spatial sound. Exhibits can be acoustically staged in a variety of ways, for example by background music, scene related sounds or a speaker. In addition, different use cases are conceivable in which content is intelligently adapted based on interactions with visitors. The system also offers an interface for the analysis of visitor behavior through the anonymized provision of movement data.

Multi-Party Augmented Telepresence System

Augmented reality telepresence systems are the future of teleconferencing as we know it today. The conversation partners are visually and acoustically embedded in the real environment of the other participants. This creates the feeling of actually being together in one place even across distances. An essential prerequisite for natural interpersonal interaction in augmented reality is spatial hearing. This makes it possible to focus on certain speakers and to carry on dialogues while multiple people are talking at the same time. This is called "cocktail party" effect. Instead of mono audio without location, we provide a realistic spatial audio reproduction, including direction and spatial perception.

MULTIPARTIES is being developed in a joint project together with plazz AG, Consensive GmbH and Technische Universität Ilmenau, funded by BMBF.

Personalized Auditory Reality

Our long term vision is to extend the limits of the human hearing experience. We want to do this by further developing the concept of PARty, “Personalized Auditory Reality”, which was developed at Technische Universität Ilmenau and Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. With intelligent wearables, users will be able to create their personalized auditory reality. Such devices will be able to reduce interfering background noise and increase the volume of the sound source the user is currently focusing on. Also, virtual sound sources will be naturally placed in the users listening environment. PARty connects the real soundscape with a perfect auditory illusion.