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Meet Ulrike Sloma, our Research and Development Associate!

Ulrike Sloma has been a Research and Development Associate at Brandenburg Labs since 2020. She did her bachelor’s and master’s in media technology at TU Ilmenau. During her studies, she dealt with projects dedicated to audio technology, in which she, among others, explored the topic of artificial sensors for hearing and seeing. Ulrike had the chance to expand her knowledge and expertise in improving how we hear audio and the psychoacoustics behind audio technologies while doing an internship at Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT).

After completing her master’s studies, Ulrike started her career at the Technische Universität Ilmenau in the group of Electronic Media Technology, which Karlheinz Brandenburg led before retiring. After getting extensive knowledge and experience from her previous role at the TU Ilmenau, Ulrike then joined Brandenburg Labs. Here, she is focusing primarily on the qualitative evaluation of audio tools and the integration of the results into the development process. 

Ulrike values the diverse team atmosphere in the office, where she gets to work and share experiences with creative and friendly colleagues from various disciplines. The fact that she can transform the intensive course work and research she has done at the university into practical and tangible resources in the audio technology field at BLS keeps her motivated. She has been contributing impactful research work in audio technology to make the company’s vision of improving audio hearing experiences come true.

She always makes sure to offer a hand whenever needed in the team, as well as helping the team maintain the group dynamics. Needless to say, she is a great team player who is up for organizing events and recreational activities. One of her best qualities is that she is never afraid to ask questions until she gets clarity. Ulrike lives up to the principle of not getting stuck in the routine, when thinking out of the box can truly open the door for spontaneity and new perspectives of seeing things. Her goal is to commit herself to do projects that will greatly benefit society and the public. 

When travelling, Ulrike likes to visit the regional bouldering halls. She also loves doing handcrafts, listening to music, and attending concerts in her free time. 


Fun fact: Ulrike is a “concert hunter”. Her bucket list of favorite activities while travelling is pretty much filled with going bouldering – climbing on low rock walls – and hunting for exciting music concerts.