Meet the team


Meet our Chief Technology Officer, Nils Merten! 

Nils was the first person to join the team at Brandenburg Labs in late 2019. He graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Media Technology from TU Ilmenau. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate at the same university, studying to excel in engineering.

Nils’ passion for audio engineering developed over time, when he joined a local music band. He has always been intrigued by music, sound, and creating new ways to experience music and audio.

As one of the first team members at Brandenburg Labs, Nils greatly appreciates the good team spirit, which brought dynamics and integrity to the office environment. For a research scholar like him, taking part in highly research-oriented solutions and challenges in audio technology is one of the perks of working at Brandenburg Labs.

In today’s world of mass customization, the ability to think outside the box is critical for life-changing audio technology innovations. Nils is known for his critical thinking skills and outstanding problem-solving qualities. As a supervisor, he is good at connecting the dots to get to the bottom of an issue as well as identifying the “superpower” of his fellow team members.

Nils envisions himself contributing to the growth of the Brandenburg Labs into being a leading audio technology company. He would like to challenge how people think of audio and help them understand the possibilities and advancements that can be made in improving audio hearing experiences.

Besides being a sound “Nerd”, Nils likes to immerse himself in outdoor activities. He likes to do mountain biking up in the hills of the beautiful Thuringian forest. He also develops software when he is not at his office desk to quench his thirst for technology.

As music continues to have a firm place in Nils heart, he enjoys making music (progressive rock) in his free time.

Func fact: He develops computer games in his leisure time.