Meet the team


Meet Renato Profeta, our Research Engineer! 

His passion for music and sound at a young age led Renato to pursue a career in audio engineering. He obtained a diploma in audio engineering from SAE Institute Liverpool, a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Riga Technical University in Latvia and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Germany, always trying to focus on audio technology. Currently, Renato is doing his Ph.D. in audio signal processing and machine learning for audio at TU Ilmenau. 

Besides his academic achievements, Renato also has many years of working experience in a wider variety of disciplines, from being a control systems engineer in the mining industry to a software developer in the home automation field. 

Renato enjoys working at Brandenburg Labs because it is highly research-oriented, which is an essential foundation for getting audio technology to a higher level. For him, shaping the future of audio technology with BLS is what he treasures as part of his personal and professional development.  

One of his strongest suits is his holistic approach to performing tasks. He tries to have multidisciplinary familiarity with various matters to see the case at hand in a generalized and holistic manner. Renato is very calm and serene when dealing with stressful matters. Furthermore, he loves to challenge paradigms and break traditions. He has a dynamic way of living life by avoiding the ordinary daily routines and living life to the fullest with spontaneity and flexibility for changes. Renato envisions himself inspiring other professionals in the audio engineering field and making a difference in the future of audio technology. In his leisure time, Renato loves playing music, travelling, and hiking. 

 Fun fact: Renato is a travel junkie. He visited more than 40 countries across the globe.