Meet the team


Meet Lidia Kristi Agustina, our intern! Lidia is our newest intern who joined our Business and Development team recently, bringing her passion and enthusiasm to our team. With a profound interest in gaining firsthand experience across all aspects of the business field, Lidia pursued a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the International University Liaison Indonesia and a joint degree from the University of Erfurt in International Relations. 

Lidia’s career journey has been driven by her passion to explore the ever-evolving landscape of this dynamic field. Currently, she is furthering her knowledge and expertise by pursuing a master’s degree in International Business and Economics at TU Ilmenau. Furthermore, Lidia’s past internships and work experience have equipped her with valuable practical skills and insights relevant to her career. 

She finds joy in her role here at Brandenburg Labs as she cherishes the opportunity to contribute her valuable insights and innovative problem-solving ideas toward the start-up’s success.   

Lidia’s proactive nature allows her to take the initiative, ensuring that tasks are accomplished efficiently, and hurdles are overcome with ease. Her adaptability enables Lidia to navigate through changing environments seamlessly while consistently staying updated on emerging trends and challenges. Moreover, Lidia’s team-player mentality shines through as she thrives in collaborative environments. 

Lidia aspires to continually seek out new challenges, recognizing that growth and development lie beyond the boundaries of comfort. She has set herself to acquire extensive knowledge and proficiency in her field and to develop into a thoughtful and effective leader. 

In her free time, Lidia indulges in various delightful activities, including photography, reading books, and exploring the culinary arts through her cooking endeavors. 

Fun fact: Photography is her profound passion, allowing Lidia to express herself through captivating visual narratives. This unique approach allows her to explore stories from a fresh perspective, as photographs can evoke emotions and immortalize fleeting moments that mere words alone cannot adequately convey.