Meet the team


Meet one of our Software Engineers, Michael Blau. From a young age, Michael was drawn to the world of audio engineering. His passion for hi-fi (High-Fidelity) technology started as a hobby when he was young. He used to build his own speakers and amplifiers and helped record his friend’s music.  

This passion led him to acquire the right educational background needed for the field. Hence, Michael graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechatronics from TU Ilmenau in 2010 and 2018, respectively.  

After completing his studies, he worked in various industries, including image processing, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering. Despite the excitement of these jobs, his enthusiasm for acoustic engineering never faded. With his skills in programming real-time systems, he found his calling in audio signal processing. 

Michael has ample experience in developing software components dedicated to real-time signal processing and adapting software architecture, among other related areas. His years of practice have honed his expertise in these domains, enabling him to handle complex software development projects with ease. 

Here at Brandenburg Labs, Michael loves being one of the first people to test and try out our cutting-edge systems, which offer an unparalleled listening experience. He enjoys being a part of a small, young thriving company in which teamwork and motivation drive success. 

Michael is a results-driven individual who prioritizes achieving desired outcomes. He values punctuality and recognizes its importance in meeting deadlines and maximizing productivity. He is also a team player who works collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals. He excels in the dynamic working environment of Brandenburg Labs, where he is able to thrive and perform at his best, adapting quickly to changing circumstances.   

Michael finds joy in being abreast of the most recent technological advancements and exploring novel concepts. This enables him to maintain his curiosity and creativity in his area of specialization, driving him to keep exploring and discovering new possibilities. Also, it helps him stay ahead of the curve in his field.  

During his free time, Michael can often be found indulging in his passion for music by playing lively and rhythmic dance tunes on his beloved vintage Italian button accordion. 

Fun fact: Michael absolutely adores hedgehogs – they are his favorite animals!