Meet the team


Meet Anja Lück, our Office Manager!

Anja is the first contact person for matters of employees, contractors, customers, and communicates with the management board at Brandenburg Labs. Before joining BLS, Anja completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk at Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse. 

After completing her training, Anja gained valuable working experience when she joined Erfurter Bank. Later on, she changed her career path and worked in a different sector until joining us.  

Anja’s affiliation with our company started when she first started working as an assistant and office manager at Brandenburg Ventures GmbH in 2012, a parent company of Brandenburg Labs. She helped tremendously in the foundation of BLS in late 2019.

As one of the first team members at Brandenburg Labs, Anja greatly appreciates the excellent team spirit, which brought dynamics and integrity to the office environment.  

Needless to say, she is a great team player who is up for organizing, planning, and assisting everyone on the team. She is passionate about working and interacting with people regardless of different backgrounds. Moreover, Anja is known for being helpful and understanding to her fellow team members while helping to identify and solve problems efficiently.

One of Anja’s “superpowers” is planning. Even though she is spontaneous and flexible at times, planning is a no-brainer for her.

In the long run, Anja envisions herself speaking and understanding English better as a working language of Brandenburg Labs which also helps her interact better with the growing international team.

Outside work, Anja loves solving puzzles and playing squash with her friend. She enjoys gardening and taking care of her animals in her free time.

Fun fact: Anja crocheted the “fribble” and brought the 3D version of him to reality. A fribble is a little fictive creature that is an imaginary representation of the state when something goes wrong. Our goofy programmers developed a visualization of the “fribble”, and Anja brought it to life with crochet.