EBU Production Technology Seminar (PTS) Recap 


Brandenburg Labs had the privilege of participating in the EBU Production Technology Seminar (PTS) 2024 from the 30th of January to the 1st of February 2024. The event took place in Geneva, Switzerland, at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and featured a diverse range of workshops and discussions covering cutting-edge media production, technological advancements, and the exploration of AI’s impact as well as future developments in the media industry. 

Our CEO Karlheinz Brandenburg delivered a keynote speech titled “Plausible Immersive Audio Playback via Headphones.” Addressing a long-standing interest in achieving perfect immersion through binaural rendering for headphones, the presentation showcased a proof-of-concept demo based on fundamental research conducted at TU Ilmenau, TH Köln, and other institutions. This demo compares a real loudspeaker setup with headphone-based rendering in a given room, showcasing advancements that include real-time room acoustic processing. 

Moreover, we showcased our truly immersive audio augmented reality headphone system to visitors, media creators, and producers. The demo featured a listening comparison between real loudspeakers and the virtual version played back over our Audio AR headphone system. Our new demo featured a set of 16 virtual loudspeakers, making the listener fully surrounded by virtual loudspeakers and offering an unmatched listening experience. Receiving great feedback from listeners of our demo and seeing their impressions of our technology was incredibly rewarding. 

We deeply appreciate the networking opportunities provided by the event and look forward to further collaboration. A special thanks to the European Broadcasting Union for organizing such an exceptional platform, bringing together media technology professionals to explore industry advancements and foster connections.