Meet Ulrike Lechte, Executive Personal Assistant to our CEO! 


Ulrike Lechte is our newest addition to the team as an Executive Personal Assistant to our CEO, Karlheinz Brandenburg. Growing up in France and having lived in England has shaped her passion for organization and travel arrangements in multicultural settings. Having to relocate frequently over the years, Ulrike developed a keen eye for detail and a skill for efficient planning. She loves to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which is also an integral part of her job.  

With years of ample experience in sales and assistant to management positions across various industries, Ulrike brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as the Executive Personal Assistant to our CEO. 

Driven by her openness to new learning experiences, open-mindedness, and methodical approach, Ulrike thrives in dynamic environments where challenges are met head-on. Embracing the collaborative nature of her position, she values the diverse team atmosphere in our office, where she gets to work and share experiences with creative and friendly colleagues from various disciplines. 

Outside of work, she finds solace and joy in various hobbies, including spending time with her family, cycling, hiking, traveling, indulging in a good read, and cherishing moments with friends. 

When it comes to her long-term professional aspirations, Ulrike is content with her current role at BLS and is committed to excellence and professional development in her work. 

Fun fact: Ulrike is quite the thrill-seeker with a love for heights. She once embarked on a tandem jump, channeling her adventurous spirit and fearlessness.