Web Summit 2022


An event to remember! 

Last week, our team had the pleasure of representing our fast-growing start-up company at the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. We would like to recap our first attendance at the summit and share some of the key takeaways.  

The three-day event is one of the biggest tech industry conferences, hosting more than 70.000 people from all around the world, including renowned tech giants, investors, marketers, and entrepreneurs in the start-up ecosystem.    

The event offered insightful and lively tech talks on topics related to deep tech, web3, AI, etc., on 30 different stages with more than 1000+ speakers, a start-up happy hour, a chance to follow up on interesting start-up pitches, masterclasses, and more. During this massive event, our team walked through the event floors to visit booths, strengthen our network of partners, meet with several investors, see a few familiar faces, and connect with other entrepreneurs with great ideas.

They brought several new ideas on different topics, an impression of where the future is heading, and great connections with them whilst learning more about digital assets space and checking on the latest developments and key projects across a wide range of fields.  

Among other activities, a particular highlight was the appearance of the Ukrainian delegation led by Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska. Her speech about using technology to help save lives affected by the war was very insightful and inspiring.  

Our CEO, Karlheinz Brandenburg, participated in ‘the Gathering’, an invite-only event that took place before the start of the summit for selected early-stage start-ups internationally. During this unique opportunity, he was able to network with other start-ups while exchanging ideas and connecting with several leaders in the tech industry. 

On the last day of the event, we offered our immersive audio demo to people from the field and beyond at booth B117 on the first pavilion. We encountered several people who experienced immersive audio demos for the first time. Receiving outstanding feedback on our demo and seeing so many happy faces was very rewarding and inspiring.  

During the evenings, our team enjoyed the lively streets of Lisbon and walked around the Rua Nova do Carvalho, better known as ‘pink street’ to experience nightlife at the beautiful venue.  

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the organizers of the Web Summit for hosting such a massive event and bringing people from technology and other backgrounds together. We took new ideas and connections with us to utilize in future business deals and beyond. We hope to visit you again in 2023!