Tonmeistertagung 2021

Düsseldorf was the home of the 31st Tonmeistertagung (TMT) in 2021. The conference, which takes place every other year, is organized by the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V (vdt). At TMT audio professionals, producers, artists, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, developers, scientists and visitors get together. It gives an overview of the current trends in product development, research and application practice.

Brandenburg Labs presented its Immersive Audio Demo System publicly for the very first time at TMT31. It is a major result of the latest research efforts, which introduces the concept of virtual sound sources. They can be seamlessly integrated into the real listening environment and sound like their real-life counterparts. No competing product available on the market allows a similarly convincing illusion. The virtual sound sources can be precisely located and behave in an acoustically credible manner, no matter where the listener moves in the room. The outstanding degree of plausibility results, among other factors, from the incorporation of the acoustics of the room and many years of knowledge about the human auditory perception.

We were very happy to welcome numerous experts and audio enthusiast at our booth 023 to hear our demo. The almost exclusively positive feedback was a big reassurance in the work of our development team and demonstrated that we are right on track for our future plans. As a part of the conferences program, our CEO Karlheinz Brandenburg also gave some insights into current research in his talk “How digital signal processing, psychoacoustics and machine learning come together”.

We want to thank the team of the TMT31 for the perfect organization of the event. The whole team very much enjoyed the currently rare in-person exchange with other experts. We are looking forward to 2023’s TMT.

If you want to get an even livelier insight into TMT31, watch the “Aftermovie” on the official website: