Meet the team


Meet Sami Murati, our Junior Business Manager! 

Sami joined Brandenburg Labs recently and is a great asset to the business and development department, bringing forth an innovative problem-solving attitude and a passion for business. From a very young age, Sami was good with numbers as well as solving problems. Observing his passion, his family encouraged him to follow a career path in business management or get into entrepreneurship. 

As a result, Sami joined Epoka University, Albania, to study for his bachelor’s degree in Finance, where he graduated with honors. He then moved to Germany to pursue a master’s degree in Economics from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

After completing his studies, Sami began his career journey as a sales assistant and later as a product and project manager in different sectors. Through his passion and intellectual curiosity for business management, Sami can remarkably manage projects while identifying and addressing the root cause of issues.

Working at Brandenburg Labs creates an excellent opportunity for Sami. He works on various challenging projects while continuously learning and improving his skills. He likes the friendly team atmosphere at the office and the fact that he can participate in creating life-changing audio technology.

Sami is a people person. He has the ability to connect with individuals and stakeholders from various sectors on their level. He is emphatic, a great team player, and has a good sense of humor. 

In the future, Sami envisions himself thriving in gaining global experience in the field of business management to broaden his network and exposure to the dynamic and fast-changing global market. He aspires to excel in new skill sets and techniques to better understand projects related to programming and signal processing. Moreover, Sami believes leadership is crucial to a successful business. Hence, he aims to immerse himself in a leadership position in the long run of his career path.

During his free time, he indulges himself in adrenaline-filled outdoor adventures and sports such as football and chess. In fact, he is stretching toward being a pro in chess. Besides, he loves to explore the world and see different cultures and beautiful destinations. When it comes to entertainment, one can say Sami is a movieholic; he voraciously watches movies and series. He also enjoys reading books on philosophy and psychology. 

 Fun fact: Sami created and manages the football group for international students in Jena.