Meet the team


Meet Muhammad Imran, our Research Engineer! 

Imran is one of our Research Engineers with outstanding work experience in the field of room acoustics, building acoustics, and acoustics for virtual reality. He did his master’s degree in Physics from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He then joined a top leading research and development organization, where he conducted research focusing on microphone arrays for localization and tracking of sound sources, beamforming methods, and multi-channel audio signal processing and synthesis for over a decade. 

Imran has always been keen on scholarly research activities to broaden his scope in the areas of room and building acoustics. His enthusiasm and curiosity paved the way for him to embark on a new exciting journey as he started a research assistantship role at the Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. As a research assistant, Imran took part in various government-funded research projects in the areas of virtual acoustics rendering technology. He acquired four patents in signal processing, sound synthesis, and spatial audio rendering while publishing several research articles on international conference papers.

Imran moved to Germany to pursue his Ph.D. studies in the institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA) at RWTH University Aachen, where he successfully completed his Ph.D. project, “Building Acoustic Auralization Test Environment for Psychoacoustic Experiment with Contextual and Interactive Features” with multiple journal publications.

Besides his research activities, Imran engaged in knowledge transfer and teaching young university students while holding seminars, teaching laboratory courses, and supervising them with their thesis projects.

In October 2021, Imran joined Brandenburg Labs as a Research Engineer focusing on the areas of room acoustics, acoustics for virtual reality, and auralization. He finds the research and development at BLS very appealing to his professional interests. He believes that the recent trends in interactive auralization of complex built-up structures demonstrate how recent developments are changing the way we think about future applications. Taking part in our research-oriented projects allows Imran to follow his interest in changing how people hear audio in the future as well as to keep up with recent developments in the audio technology sector.

One of Imran’s strong suits is that he is highly committed and dedicated when he sets his mind to achieving his goals. He is self-motivated and can lead and inspire others in order to reach common goals and visions. He likes to communicate with teams and stakeholders equally, while he is always open to learn from others. If Imran is given to complete a fairly new task with his expertise, he is not afraid to dive in and adopt changes to complete the task successfully.

Imran envisions himself achieving excellence in his academic career as well as working towards claiming a professorship or leading research positions in the near future. 

Outside of work, he indulges himself in metaphysics discussions with his colleagues and friends. He enjoys having philosophical and comparative religious discussions to learn new perspectives and beliefs. 

Fun Fact: Imran’s hobby is his profession. He can spend hours talking about metaphysics and philosophy. Being a metaphysicist is what makes him happier than doing outdoor/indoor activities.