Meet the team


Meet Deepan Das, our Research Engineer! 

Deepan is one of our Research Engineers who is contributing his expert knowledge in the areas of computer vision and deep learning to the team. 

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University in India. Deepan began his career journey when he started working in the biomedical engineering domain, specializing in audio signal processing. 

As society increasingly relies on computer algorithms for everything, the need for computers to understand the world around us is higher than ever. Thanks to AI, computers can now analyze the tiniest expressions in human faces and use that information to augment physiological signals. 

These exciting technological advancements and possibilities inspired Deepan to have a significant career shift from signal processing to deep learning and computer vision. 

Following his passion for AI, Deepan acquired a master’s degree in Computer Science from TU Munich. During his studies, he worked on various research projects to excel in his skills and knowledge in his field of study. For instance, in his Master’s thesis, Deepan worked with renowned scientists in Computer Vision with a focus on Synthetic Humans. He animated face images using speech clips, which can be applied to various areas of animation, video editing, and video content creation, etc.

After completing his Master’s, Deepan joined Brandenburg Labs, where he brings practical skills and dedication to the team. Deepan highly values the chance to be part of the journey to enhance the human hearing experience. He is proud to be working at the cutting-edge of research under the supervision of our CEO, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karlheinz Brandenburg. 

Similarly, Brandenburg Labs creates a unique opportunity for Deepan to demonstrate his expertise in blending audio signal processing and computer vision. Moreover, Deepan enjoys the excellent co-working environment, as well as the young and dynamic team at BLS. 

When facing new challenges, Deepan is set to bring creative ideas which can solve the problem at hand as quickly and efficiently as possible. He emphasizes detail and perfection when he works on a project. While working with teams, Deepan makes sure he dives deep into the issue to brainstorm practical solutions and measures. 

Personally, Deepan aspires to develop the next big thing in Synthetic Media. He wants to bring to life an immersive storybook reading experience. He aims to design an AI-generated book narration system where consumers can enjoy a truly immersive soundscape integrated with scenic elements learned from actual movies (i.e., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings…). 

Outside of work, Deepan enjoys photography, reading, swimming, and hiking. Also, Deepan takes coffee very seriously. One of his hobbies is studying the science behind the whole coffee-making process, including the nature of beans and their types. 

Fun fact: Deepan does not prefer working in office spaces. The ideal working space for him would be somewhere up in the mountains, where he can work for days while enjoying natural scenic views.