Meet the team


Meet Carmelo Fascella, our newest team addition to the Research and Development team as a Software Engineer. From the captivating world of electronic music to the cutting-edge audio engineering field, Carmelo’s passion and dedication have made him an invaluable asset to the BLS team. 

Carmelo’s career journey began when he stumbled upon electronic music, discovering a newfound fascination for the software used to create sound and music. Intrigued by the magic behind this process, he yearned to dive deeper into music and technology. Recognizing the potential to study and specialize in this field, Carmelo embarked on a journey that would kindle his passion. 

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, specializing in Audio Technology and Machine Learning from the Polytechnic of Milan, Carmelo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team as a software engineer and researcher. 

During his studies and various job experiences, Carmelo’s thirst for knowledge led him to unravel a multitude of remarkable discoveries. From the domain of music information retrieval to the vast possibilities of machine learning, he explored the frontiers of new media arts and dabbled in the field of spatial audio.   

Carmelo likes the BLS’s friendly environment and the genuine passion of each individual involved. As a recent addition to the team, Carmelo’s favorite aspect lies in the invaluable opportunity to learn from his colleagues.   

His primary goal is to continue working in a domain that ignites his deepest passions, fostering personal and professional growth. From expanding his theoretical knowledge to mastering programming languages, Carmelo aims to flourish in all aspects of his craft. Moreover, he seeks to contribute to technological progress, even if it is in his own ‘small way’. Sharing his knowledge with others is a driving force, as he aims to inspire and educate those around him. 

Being a self-motivated, punctual, and excellent team player, he thrives in collaborative environments where big challenges are embraced. Beyond his professional endeavors, Carmelo finds solace and inspiration in his hobbies. His diverse interests range from playing music and cooking to attending music and arts events and exploring the vibrant world of flea markets. 

Fun fact: Beyond the realm of music and technology, Carmelo finds intrigue in the complex mechanisms governing our universe. He likes to immerse himself in reading about mysterious topics such as black holes and exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.