Thüringer Destinationstag


On the 11th of September 2023, Brandenburg Labs had the pleasure of hosting a part of the afternoon program of the “2. Thüringer Destinationstag” of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH. The delegation embarked on a visit that took them through our startup, facilities at Fraunhofer IDMT, as well as an exploration of the autonomous bus CAMIL, a joint project of TU Ilmenau, IOV Ilmenau and Thüringer Innovationszentrum Mobilität. 

The primary objective of this visit was to immerse themselves in the dynamic technological landscape of the Ilmenau region, exploring use cases for the tourism sector. Moreover, it sought to forge stronger connections and collaborations between the government, academic institutions, and the business sector. As a key player in Thuringia’s research and scientific community, Brandenburg Labs remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation within the startup ecosystem. 

During their visit, our CEO, Karlheinz Brandenburg, had the privilege of presenting the work being undertaken by Brandenburg Labs in the field of audio technology. The primary focus was on how our headphone technology can be used in immersive audio guides. 

The idea originated at the Electronic Media Technology department of TU Ilmenau. Using immersive audio as an intelligent extension of the classic audio guide, experience-oriented adventures can be created in the tourism and leisure sector, such as in museums. Immersive audio provides otherwise silent exhibits with their own voice, which users perceive exactly as they do in reality: clear, true to position and plausible. 

Furthermore, the delegation had the opportunity to experience the latest version of our lifelike immersive audio demo, allowing them to dive deep into an unparalleled audio experience.  

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Thüringer Tourismus GmbH and all participants of the “Destinationstag” for taking the proactive step of visiting us and gaining insights into our projects and products.