Meet the team


Meet Cristina Rodríguez Ferreiro, our Research Engineer! 

Cristina fell in love with hardware maintenance when she dismantled every electronic device she came across, exploring and assembling it back at a very young age. When she was 11, she got a computer which led her to shift her interest to computers and IT in general. She went to Universidade de Vigo to study for her bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering, emphasizing on sound and image. 

Cristina loves working at Brandenburg Labs because she is part of a company thriving in shaping the future of audio technology. She enjoys working on challenging yet problem-solving audio technology projects. Cristina is very persistent when she aims to complete tasks. She is dedicated and has never been afraid to take on a new challenge. When a new challenge is on the way, Cristina will dive deep into it, making sure she gets the best out of the experience. She has built her own microphone array systems from scratch and processed audio signals in different surroundings. 

Outside of work, Cristina is adventurous. She loves indoors and outdoors climbing and taking pictures from her analog camera.

Fun fact: She is fascinated by how old technologies were made. She spends most of her free time disassembling analog cameras and exploring the mechanics.