Meet the team


Meet Shounak Saraf, our working student!

Shounak is one of our working students who joined our Research and Development department recently. 

Since he was young, Shounak was astonished by audio technology. He dreamt of being a significant change maker in the field of audio research. Hence, he focused his academic training primarily on programming and audio development. 

He studied for his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur, India. During his studies, Shounak did multiple internships to excel his knowledge in his field and focused on Automated Geometric Correction of Satellite Images. 

After completing his bachelor’s, he wanted to primarily focus on Audio and Signal Processing and decided to move to Germany to pursue his master’s degree in Media Technology at the Technical University of Ilmenau.

Here at Brandenburg Labs, Shounak has been contributing his programming and signal processing expertise while assisting with research and developing techniques to measure room impulse responses for spatial audio algorithms.

Shounak appreciates that he gets to play and experiment with audio. Working at Brandenburg Labs allows him to apply the theories he has been taught by experimenting and implementing while getting the assistance he needs from skillful colleagues in the field.  

Shounak is highly self-motivated and focused at work. When introduced to new challenges and environments, he has the ability to adapt to the situation to make the best out of it. If he is assigned a new task in his domain, Shounak tries to learn fast and grasp the instructions and necessary skills to complete his tasks successfully. 

In the future, he envisions developing a sustainable lifestyle being a music artist. He aspires to actively contribute valuable work in the audio technology domain while creating a network with fellow audiophiles worldwide to create next-generation audio technology. Shounak likes to play drums and produce electronic music in his leisure time. 

Fun Fact: Shounak is intrigued by astronomy and likes to spend his free time amassing more knowledge about it from open-source platforms. He eagerly explores the possibility of combining his knowledge gained in audio research and representing space in the form of audio.