A year to remember! 


2023 is just around the corner, and we would like to wrap up some of the events we attended this year that brought us lots of great experiences and new connections. 2022 has been an eventful year for us. Some of the highlights include attending conferences, growing our network of partners, pitches, and more. Overall, it has been a great year for Brandenburg Labs, where we made enormous progress with our audio technology, expanded our team, and made new business partnerships. We are looking forward to continuing to progress and network in the coming year.   

If you haven’t caught up with us on the events we attended this year, here is a summary of some of the wonderful events we took part in throughout the year from the earliest to the latest. 


Brandenburg Labs, together with TU Ilmenau and Kondeor HmbH attended Salz21, the New Business Days by Messezentrum Salzburg from May 11th – 12th, 2022, in Austria, Salzburg.  

Salz21, Austria, Salzburg

The primary focus of the conference was on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, New Mobility, Life Science, Green Tech, New Tourism, and Educational Technology. Thus, our CEO, Karlheinz Brandenburg, talked about intelligent audio technology, its growth, and the integration of AI into hardware audio products. Moreover, our team presented our newest demo, an interactive audio adventure, to the visitors of the event. Overall, we had a wonderful time representing our company at Salz21.  

ICASSP 2022 

The ICASSP 2022 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing in Singapore was held from May 22nd to 27th, 2022 in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, a well-known landmark in Singapore’s Skyline. ICASSP is the IEEE Signal Processing Society’s flagship conference on signal processing and its applications.  

In the first expert session, Karlheinz Brandenburg spoke about the state of the art of immersive audio for headphones and new developments in the field while emphasizing what is needed to eventually enable customers to enjoy truly immersive sound via headphones. 

ICASSP 2022, Singapore

Throughout the week, our team especially enjoyed the audio-related program, consisting of Plenaries, an Industry Program, live Tutorials, and select Oral Paper Presentations by in-person attendees. Such interdisciplinary events help us think out of the box and give us valuable insights into other research areas as well. Therefore, we plan to participate in the ICASSP 2023 in Rhodes.  

MikroForum 2022  

We participated in the MikroForum 2022 in the beautiful hometown of Schoeps Microphones, Karlsruhe, organized by Schoeps in collaboration with the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and The German Association For Audio Professionals (VDT). The forum took place from the 9th to the 10th of June, 2022. 

The forum featured 20 companies at the exhibition, with several invited experts and established audio engineers sharing their extraordinary work with the audience via presentations and workshops on microphone recording technology and music recording, 3D audio, and film sound topics. Our CEO held a talk in the grand hall about the developments in immersive audio over time as well as current challenges and achievements in the field.  

MikroForum 2022, Karlsruhe

We presented our immersive audio demo to the public at the forum. Many of the listeners of our demo were acknowledged experts in the audio field, giving us amazing feedback, which was very uplifting and motivational. One of the most extraordinary comments we’ve gotten was that our immersive audio demo is “scarily realistic”. Overall, the forum was a hit, and we are looking forward to participating in the following MikroForums.  

Investor Days Thuringia (IDT22) 

The 7th edition of this event took place from June 14th to 15th in the state’s capital Erfurt creating a platform for start-ups, such as Brandenburg Labs, and investors aiming to promote innovation, creativity, and networking between businesses.   

Investor Days Thuringia (IDT22), Erfurt

Our team got the chance to welcome various interested stakeholders to our booth during the event. Once more, we take away valuable experience and new partners as well as notable friends in the field of audio technology. Moreover, we were able to share the significant projects we have been working on in the “Innovation Arena” with investors, innovators, corporations, and other creative startups. 

AVAR 2022 

Brandenburg Labs was honored to participate as a GOLD Sponsor in the AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (AVAR) 2022 held at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, USA., from August 15-17, 2022. 

Our CEO Karlheinz Brandenburg’s keynote: “Making the dream of plausible binaural audio come true: which cues are most important?” was immensely inspiring and facilitated a lively discussion with the audience. Karlheinz highlighted that with state-of-the-art research in immersive and spatial audio, immersing oneself in a virtual environment using just headphones can become a reality soon.  

AVAR 2022, Redmond, WA, USA

Our team had a great time presenting our immersive audio demo, a fully virtual and dynamic doppelganger of a real pair of stereo speakers, auralized over headphones, which could be switched live to their real counterparts. Accordingly, the feedback we collected from the participants was delightful; where they complimented our demo as impressive, incredibly precise, and even mind-blowing.  

The demo proved once again that we are able to immerse the listener in lifelike augmented audio experience. Our team utilized the opportunity to network with speakers and participants while exchanging invaluable experiences and trends in the audio technology field. 

Web Summit 2022 

Our team had the pleasure of representing our fast-growing start-up company at the Web Summit 2022, held from the 1st to the 4th of November in Lisbon, Portugal. The event offered insightful and lively tech talks on topics related to deep tech, web3, AI, etc., on 30 different stages with more than 1000+ speakers, a start-up happy hour, a chance to follow up on interesting start-up pitches, masterclasses, and more.  

During this massive event, our team walked through the event floors to visit booths, strengthen our network of partners, meet with several investors, see a few familiar faces, and connect with other entrepreneurs with great ideas. 

Moreover, our CEO, Karlheinz Brandenburg, participated in ‘the Gathering’, an invite-only event that took place before the start of the summit for selected early-stage start-ups internationally. During this unique opportunity, he was able to network with other start-ups while exchanging ideas and connecting with several leaders in the tech industry.  

On the last day of the event, people from the field and beyond were able to listen to our immersive audio demo at booth B117 on the first pavilion. Receiving outstanding feedback on our demo and seeing so many happy faces was very rewarding and inspiring. 

WebSummit 2022, Libson, Portugal

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