Meet the team


Meet Thomas Thron, our Research Engineer!

Thomas has always been very passionate about making music and programming. He had the vision to build music-making and audio production tools. This ambition drove Thomas to follow his academic path in studying computer science for his bachelor’s at the Fachhochschule Erfurt (FH). He then continued his master’s studies in Media Technology at TU Ilmenau.

Thomas enjoys contributing to Brandenburg Labs because he gets the chance to work together with colleagues who are passionate about interesting topics. He brings enthusiasm, humor, and joy to the team, always knowing how to cheer up his colleagues when needed. 

When it comes to his work approach, Thomas is very practical and efficient in applying problem-solving tools to overcome challenges. Thomas aspires to be a professional software designer and excel in his programming and signal processing skills. He seeks to ask the right questions to understand problems from their core. When Thomas sets his mind on some tasks, he will bring numerous practical and creative ideas to the table. 

Outside of work, Thomas loves to listen to and make music. Moreover, he performs original postrock songs in concerts with his band “SOJUS3000”. Besides, nothing makes him happier than having long hikes during weekends in the beautiful Thuringian forests. Outdoor activities such as bouldering and attending exciting festivals are among Thomas’ recreation choices in his leisure time.

Fun fact: Thomas is known for inventing new dance moves on the dance floor.